I find beauty and intrigue in old abandoned buildings, in rusted out trains, in leaning wooden water towers. When I look at them I think about the time when they were vibrant and in their prime. I think about the the craftsmanship taken to build them during a time of innovation. Looking closer I absorb the textures, hues and forms. It’s as if they are talking to me, whispering moments that happened when they were active and alive.
The mountains and forest also speak to me like old architecture. They have been there for many lifetimes and have much to tell. I'm compelled to wander slowly along the wooded paths to take it all in using every ounce of my senses. The hint of pine drifting in the air, the caress of soft breezes, the streams sparkling along rocky shores, the tall trees creaking as they bow to the wind all making the forest come alive with movement.
It has become my passion, my inspiration, to reanimate these old objects and to express the moments I experience while exploring our landscapes. This process begins through the lens of my camera. In the editing room I love how highly saturated hues, crisp clarity and full vibrance breathe vitality into these man-made objects and bring an enchantment to these organic forms.