I find inspiration in textures that transform as light navigates across the landscape. I find inspiration in vibrant colors that suddenly fire up when touched by the sun. I find inspiration in strong contrasts as they reveal themselves in the moving shadows. My eyes are sensitized to these elements as hundreds of photographs begin to fill my memory card. With my camera I’m able to take these moments to my studio. Each photograph has their own narrative talking to me. I may be moved to interpret a photograph in vivid acrylics or in dark graphite or in a mixed media technique I call photobreach where I paint directly on the mat that frames a photograph.
As an artist I’m compelled to express my experiences in visual art forms as I explore the world. I feel not only a sense of preserving moments that eventually become a part of history as everything changes around us but also I feel a part of me will be left behind as my life moves and fades away into tomorrow’s past. When someone connects with my art and hangs it in their home I am fulfilled.
Thank you for reading my artist statement,
Janice Peterson